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Season 2015/16 – Coming to an end

Confirmation that we are getting closer to our end of season 2015-2016 with the final session being Thursday 21st July 2016. SAQ is now finished for the summer as a lot going on in the schools/summer leagues/holidays etc. The SAQ has been a great success this season with excellent numbers, however recently with a lot going on we have seen numbers reduce as always this time of year.

END OF YEAR REVIEWS have been completed/nearly completed for all age groups so could you please confirm your email address by text for this to be sent out to you within the next 2 weeks.

Also if you wish to make an appointment for a chat with your coach can you please let me know as soon as possible and I will sort you a time/date. You have until this weekend to request as I will be giving time slots at the beginning of week commencing 11th July 2016.

It has been another excellent season for North West Elite with the feedback from a number of Academy’s that we are the best at what we do around with so many others trying to mirror what we do.

North West Elite Academy are proud to say that with your support we are the leaders of the North West in the development of players 6-16 years old

Thank you again for your support

Phil Boyle

North West Elite Academy – Centre Manager


Recent ‘SUCCESS STORIES‘ at NW Elite Academy

 The heading tells it all.

Following 4 teams going on tour in April to Glasgow, playing against Rangers, Kilmarnock Academy’s and training with Celtic and Rangers, the month of May turned out to be the start of a crazy 2-3 months ahead.

Over the last 2-3 months we have seen large number of boys go out on trials following games played, scouts attending the Centre and players been noticed as they have developed in to excellent players, playing for their school / grass roots teams.

In May we seen the following signing:


  • Nabil Rahim signs for Wigan Athletic 13s

Nabil is a late developer in the football game having only been football for approx. 2 seasons. His main sport before football is/was athletics which he holds a number of records Nationally.

This is a great opportunity for Nabil with his thunderous pace he is a defenders nightmare. Well Done Nabil


  • Jamie Boyle signs for Chester 14s

Following a game against Chester FC at the 1ST team ground, Jamie was impressive and their coaching staff were immediately interested in him attending a trial.

Following a number of games including Mansfield and Norwich City, Chester offered Jamie a contract for the 2016/17 Season. Jamie already 6’ plus at the age of 14 has the making of a very good goalkeeper. Well done Jamie


  • Jacob Mangan signs for Burnley 14s

 Jacob joined NW Elite in Feb 2016. From the 1st trial session we could see that there was a player ready and waiting for an opportunity to come along. Jacob was working really hard in training especially on his technical part of the game because as a 6’1” Centre Back at the age of 13 we knew that clubs Jacob would turn heads as soon as he put on a NW Elite kit.

Within 4-6 weeks we started to get some interest from a number clubs including Chester FC, Man Utd, Burnley and Blackburn Rovers. Jacob decided he wanted to attend Burnley Academy following a brief trial at Chester.

Within 4 weeks of signing a 6 week trial, playing a game against Bradford Academy, Jacob was offered a 2 year contract at Burnley. This is a great achievement for an excellent player who is hungry for success. Well done Jacob


  • Will Dunne signs for Blackpool FC (SCHOLARSHIP)

Finally in May following a match v Blackpool Academy, they liked the look of Will and he was invited to go on a 6 week trial. This wasn’t just a trial for an U16s contract, this a trial for a Scholarship at Blackpool FC.

Will signed an U16s contract at the beginning of May 2016 following his 6 week trial to allow him to play further games. Will was impressing the coaching staff however the final say was to be made by the Academy Manager if Will was in the running for a scholarship.

Following a gruelling week which Will was invited to train with the current Youth Team for 5 days solid at the end of May half term, it was then that Blackpool FC offered Will Dunne the final scholarship place at the Club.

This is such a fantastic achievement as not only did he work hard for this opportunity, he had to convince the club that he was worthwhile ahead of boys who were in the current U16S squad and who had been at the club for a number of years.

We would all at NW Elite Academy like to wish Will the best of luck in his future at Blackpool FC

Well Done Will.

Moving into June the run of success stories continued.


  • Finn Holt / Lewis Yeates sign for Connah’s Quay U14s

Following a match in late February, Connah’s Quay were impressed with the U14s squad of players. They were one of the strongest welsh Academy squads competing for the National Welsh Cup.

Following the game a number of boys attended trial in March / April and almost immediately I received a phone call from Connah’s Quay saying that they rated the NW Elite boys and following this Finn and Lewis were offered a Contract for the 2016/17 Season. We wish the boys the best of luck competing in the Welsh League.


  • Steven McDonnell signs for Southport FC Youth U17

Ste is one of the players who has been with NW Elite Academy since the beginning in Aug 2012.

Ste was with Southport U16s for most of last Season however following recent trials Ste was kept on and informed he was to be the team captain for the Southport Youth Team for the coming season.

We would like to wish Ste the best of luck with this opportunity. Well done Steve


  • Matt Liptrott signs for Blackpool U13s

Matt is one of the players who attend NW Elite Academy and lives out of town travelling in from Cheshire.

Matt has excelled to a top footballer over the last 18 months and recently was moved up to train with the U14s to help his development and physical part of the game. Following a 6 week trial at Blackpool Academy, Matt has been offered a Contract which is fantastic news for a passionate player who gives it all every training session / match – a leader on the pitch

Well done Matt, good luck in your football career at Blackpool Academy.


  • Dan Mulhall signs for Connahs Quay U12s

Following a thrilling match back in February were Dan scored a couple of goals, I was approached by the coaching staff with regards Dan attending a trial in March 2016.

Following a 6 week trial and a number of games Dan seemed to be building confidence each time he attended a session or game.

I then received a phone call saying that Dan was exactly what they were looking for and they offered to sign him for the coming season.

Congratulation to Dan who was one of the players who joined us at the beginning of our journey in 2012. Well done Dan

Already in July there has a number of signings getting ready for the 2016-17 Season

Some highlights being Sam Rocket U9s as just been offered by Blackpool Academy and Joe Johansen U14s offered by Fleetwood Academy.

Details and more to follow…………………………………….

Glasgow Tour – April 2016

On the 9th April our U8-12s travelled to Glasgow, Scotland to take part in a 4 day Tour.

This was a football full action packed long weekend were the boys took part in the following Football as part of the 4 day Itinerary :


  • Pre Match meal at Ibrox Hospitality (Rangers FC)
  • Played Games v Rangers FC Select – Murray Park (1stTeam Training Ground)
  • Played Games v Kilmarnock Academy – Rugby Park, Kilmarnock (1STTeam Ground)
  • Attended Rangers v Peterhead game – Challenge Cup Final at Hampden Park
  • Celtic Park Tour
  • 2 hour training session with Rangers Academy – Murray Park (1stTeam Training Ground)
  • Rangers FC – Ibrox Tour
  • 2 hour training session with Celtic Academy – Academy Training Ground

The Tour was a great success with all the teams doing fantastic on the football front and the behaviour and attitude of the boys off the field made me so proud to be the NW Elite Academy Manager.

The Comments everywhere we went were that the Boys looked and behaved very Professional on and off the field.

Rangers, Celtic and Kilmarnock Academy all commenting on the high standard of ability are players shown and a great attitude and drive to be successful on the Tour.

All in all it was the perfect Tour with all Players, Coaches and myself enjoying the weekend thoroughly

This was a fantastic experience for all boys and coaches that attended the Tour  


Chester FC – U8-16S Games at the Lookers Vauxhall Stadium (Former Deva Stadium)

NW Elite would like to say a big “Thank You” to Chester FC Academy for giving us the opportunity to play at the Chester FC Stadium on Sunday April 17th

This was a fantastic experience for over 100 boys who were available playing at a Football League Stadium

All games were very competitive with both Chester Academy / NW Elite Academy very happy with the test for all age groups

The boys were excellent and Chester Academy were very complimentary about the level of our players.

Well done to all players involved.


Academy SAQ training – Update June 2016

The SAQ sessions on a Wednesday evening continue to be a great success with numbers on the increase each week and is very beneficial to players development at NW Elite Academy.

Please see the new set of dates for your age group:

     Training Date      Time        Age Group      Time       Age Group
          June 1st    6 – 7pm         U 11/12s    7 – 8pm         U 15/16s
          June 8th    6 – 7pm         U 8/9/10s    7 – 8pm         U 13/14s
          June 15th    6 – 7pm         U 11/12s    7 – 8pm         U 15/16s
          June 22nd    6 – 7pm         U 8/9/10s    7 – 8pm         U 13/14s
          June 29th    6 – 7pm         U 11/12s    7 – 8pm         U 15/16s

As mentioned previously please text myself on 07738 000 581 if unable to make your age-group as a register will be taken on the evening.

If text and let us know you unavailable, this will go down as authorised absence

If these dates a problem however you can make another date, please let me know so we can accommodate – there is flexibility

Please make every effort to attend for your Development.